Saturday, October 8, 2016

ALLUNE - Alunmi management made easy

ALLUNE is for managing alumni keep alumnus connected on the cloud. ALLUNE is a new generation software application exclusively designed for alumni management, its intuitive, easy to use and is free !

Post college, work and personal life takes people to many places; most would love to look forward for reunions. Communication is key to distribute information in time to effectively manage alumni, which ensures alumnus has on demand access to notifications, events, polls, discussions and much more. Perhaps, there is nothing more satisfying than contributing back to the institutions that shaped one’s life and career, ALLUNE makes all this possible.

Register an alumni online at to take advantage of ALLUNE, it only takes few minutes.

Strength of an alumni is in its numbers, send invitations using ALLUNE to drive membership, increase participation in events and fund raisers.

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